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Carpet Cleaning

Spot the difference, with Purity carpet cleaning services

When you maintain an impeccable home, you’ll notice the difference after a professional clean. Even new carpets wear fast through normal household foot traffic, when stains or mould set in and that once-creamy finish starts to grow dull.

We’ll clean your carpets wall to wall and in every corner, whether your space features a 100% wool carpet, polyester blend, hard-wearing office carpet, 70s shag-pile or other carpet style.

Tricky stains and spills are another strength of ours. So call one of our technicians, before accidentally spreading the mess further or applying your own harsh cleaning agents.

Goes without saying we’ll do the work at the weekday or weekend hours that suit your setting.

How do we help customers with their carpet cleaning?
Don’t get stuck in one of those dull dinner-party conversations about carpet cleaning! Take up a hobby instead and outsource the problem to Purity, because we’ll do the grunt-work of cleaning for you. Here’s what our service looks like:

  • Cleaning impeccable homes – We service Sydney’s most beautiful homes across the north shore and Hills District, from Mosman and Manly to Beecroft and Bella Vista.
  • Prepare for special events – Greet your guests or usher in the festive season with professionally cleaned carpets and upholstery that’s luminous and clean, transforming the feel of your home.
  • Boost presentation for a sale – Purity Carpet Cleaning also works with property vendors and real estate agents across Sydney, to lift the appeal of their residence ahead of a high-value sale.
  • Troubleshooting for larger stains – Red wine spills, pet urine or children’s paint leaks? We’ve seen it all. We’ll spot-treat first using our custom, gentle treatments, then finish with a detailed clean for flawless results.
  • Clear fees, flexible hours – We offer a transparent fee structure and can fit with your schedule, ensuring your carpet is fluffy and dry by the time you need to come home.
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  1. Pre inspection

    Before starting the service, Purity technicians thoroughly inspect your carpets. We check the fibre type and note any visible stains. We will also discuss with the client what furniture we need to move.

  2. Vacuuming

    Next, we vacuum away loose dust, allergens and dirt, using well-maintained equipment fitted with a commercial HEPA filter (standards met by the Australian Asthma Foundation).

  3. Pre-treatment and cleaning

    Your carpet is pre-sprayed with a gentle, specialised cleaning solution to break down soil and stains. We’ll then apply a deep clean to achieve maximum cleaning results.

  4. Carpet protection

    This is an optional service for customers, where we apply a solution to repel oil and water. This makes any future spills easier to clean, by creating a barrier to any natural build-up of dirt and grime.

  5. Screening process

    Once completed, our technician will show you the final results to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service. They’ll let you know how soon it will dry, and will give you some disposable slippers if you need to walk across the carpet before it’s ready.

    We look forward to serving you with our fast and professional service.

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      We look forward to serving you with our fast and professional service.

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