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Carpet Cleaning

ACCI  Expert Trained Technicians

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Carpet Dry Within Hours

Sydney’s Carpet Cleaning Experts

Dirty carpets are a breeding ground for critters, bacteria, and disease. Even a thorough vacuuming can leave behind plenty of dust and dirt below the surface, where fleas, dust mites, and bacteria can thrive.

Our professional technicians can help get your carpet clean and healthy again by thoroughly cleaning your carpets with top-notch eco-friendly products. We have experience in every style of carpet and can get a deep down clean without harming delicate surfaces. Having your carpet cleaned regularly will keep it looking and smelling great for years to come.

Our cleaning process is thorough and all our technicians cover the following professional steps to provide the best results:


Before starting the service, Purity technicians do a comprehensive inspection of the carpet. We go through the whole property and discuss all areas we are focusing on and detail the process and desired result.

Vacuuming and Moving Furniture

Initially, our technicians vacuum the floor to expel the dry soil from the carpet. During vacuuming, each and every edge of the carpet is vacuumed properly.


The carpeted areas will be spot treated and cleaned thoroughly to remove dirt, oils and hard stains that are hard to lift. We will deodorise and sanitise all your carpets leaving them fresher and cleaner.


All the excessive water of the cleaning process is successfully removed through the drying process. The carpet will be ready to walk on within a few hours, however, we do provide complimentary shoe covers for all household members to walk on immediately.

Screening Process 

Once completed, the technician will walk you through the areas cleaned to ensure 100% satisfaction.