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Rug Cleaning

Gentle & Effective Methods for all Rug Types

Your Rug Dry within Hours!

Green & Eco-Friendly Solutions

Rugs are Cleaned onsite!

Your rug is a beautiful addition to your home that brings life to your interior decorating. Keeping it in the best possible condition is important to you. At the same time, you may also live in fear of a person claiming to be a professional who simply does not understand what a rug needs to be cleaned safely.

We understand the delicate nature of these rugs, and also that they still acquire dirt just like any other flooring. Our gentle but effective methods lift dirt out carefully, without causing damage to the rug you love so much.

Our method includes a throughout vacuum and a low moisture clean. The cleaning gets rid of some of the most damaging contaminants found in rugs: sand and salt, as well as dirt and oils. This makes it a better treatment and will have your rugs feeling cleaner and looking close to brand new. The result is a clean rug that will last for many years, without any damage caused by the cleaning process.