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Pet Urine & Odour Removal

ACCI Expert Trained Technicians 

Hygenically Cleaned

Stain & Odour Removal

Green & Eco-friendly Solutions

Accidents happen. There might have been that one accident with your puppy on the rug, or the incident with your beloved pet and the Christmas tree, but every once in a while our pets soil the carpets and leave us with a big mess to clean up. Even the most dedicated cleaning efforts won’t always remove the stains or more importantly, the pheromones your pet left behind. If your pet smells those pheromones the next time he needs to go potty, he may decide to make going in that spot his regular place of business.

Avoid this difficult and embarrassing problem with our professional cleaning services. We will subject the stain to a multi-step process that will leave it so clean and shiny, even your pet won’t notice there was ever an accident there. We not only treat the surface carpet, but our professional products can reach all the way down to the flooring underneath, where pet urine can saturate.