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Leather Cleaning

ACCI Expert Trained Technicians

Condition & Moisturise

Cracking and Damage Prevention

Green & Eco-Friendly Solutions

Taking care of the leather surfaces can seem easy at first. Give it a quick wipe with a leather-cleaner and you’re done, right? Wrong! Leather surfaces are quite unique, and over time poor care can lead to dry, cracking furniture and severe damage from the dirt you thought was gone.

The only way to protect leather furniture is to have it professionally cleaned by a specialist with an understanding of all the quirks and intricacies of leather. A great professional can treat the leather surfaces to a special cleaning system that will lift away all the dirt without causing any harm to the leather.

This includes both using safe leather cleaners that lift dirt away, and moisturisers to rejuvenate drying leather. If necessary, restoration can take care of any damage the dirt has caused to the furniture over time, making your furniture last longer.

Keep your leather looking great with our specialised leather cleaning services.